Flashmobs and Festivals

Flashmobs and Festivals with Dance Masala are an excellent way to highlight events and provide publicity. Whether it’s a large scale event, an in-store promotion, or using dance to make a powerful statement… we can orchestrate a flashmob that people will remember!

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Flashmobs and festivals

Bollywood Dance is so well-suited to flashmobs that they are almost synonymous. Bollywood is known for its massive crowd-scenes, where suddenly you are transported to a Bollywood fantasy! One where everyone can dance, and knows all the words.

A Bollywood flashmob works like this: one dancer starts dancing in the middle of a crowded street, suddenly the beat kicks in and they are surrounded by colour and movement, as a massive group joins the dance singing along to the Bollywood songs.

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“An artiste is one who showcases his art to inspire others and Dance Masala achieved that beautifully”

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance by the Dance Masala trio who came to the Milton Community Festival at Polonia, Polish Assoc in Qld. As soon as they entered the hall in their gorgeous costumes moving to the wonderful rhythms and beat of the music, I felt I wanted to be part of their world of dance. They were able to engage the audience and they showed true professionalism. An artist is one who showcases his art to inspire others and Dance Masala achieved that beautifully. I felt happy to have invited them to participate in the Festival as they brought an exotic element to the program – Terenia Tabor, Artistic Director of Polonia Polish Association

“Andrea’s professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity was outstanding”

Working with Andrea and the team from Dance Masala on QPAC’s Out of the Box Festival for Children eight years and under in 2014 was both a pleasure and a delight. Dance Masala provided age-appropriate, fun and culturally sensitive performances and workshops that were extremely well received by both children and their parents. Their knowledge of traditional Indian dance, combined with Andrea’s flair and creativity with the most up-to-date Bollywood and pop dance styles, made for high energy, colourful and engaging arts experience.  Andrea’s professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity were outstanding. – Brett Howe (QPAC)

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