Trial Class


Purchase a trial class for you or your loved one. A great way to get a taste of Bollywood dancing in a fun and supportive environment.


Are you interested in Bollywood? Purchase a trial class and come give it a try!

A trial class is a great way to test out your thumke, and other dance moves in our fun and supportive environment.

We recommend choosing the style/class you’re most interested in, we recommend sticking with a class appropriate for your level of experience! This way, if you wish to continue the choreography is taught sequentially. Building upon from week to week. Meaning you’ve already had a headstart on nailing down those moves.

Please Note –

  • The $25 will be removed from the full term fee.
  • Trialling the class negates the early bird offer.
  • We will be in contact to check which class you prefer!

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