After 4 years of amazing performances, gruelling training and many rude jokes; one of the brightest stars of Dance Masala’s Performance Company is moving on. Adam’s final performance with Dance Masala will be at the QUT Bollywood Ball this Saturday. There are a lot of mixed feelings as I write this. I taught Adam from when he was a teenager, fresh out of school, doing as many Bollywood classes as he could as he began to explore his passion for dance.


From a shy, quiet boy with flopsy hair, a gentle death stare, and slightly lazy arm extensions, Adam grew into an amazing dancer (largely due to attending full time professional dance school for 2 years at Ikin Dance). That being said, I do feel like I deserve partial credit for encouraging him with his flair and technique for Bollywood, and his very expressive face. Watch Adam in action at a Wedding here, unbeatable lip sync! 


Adam, I will miss our rapport, and sharing our rude jokes, as well as shocking you in the dressing rooms before shows. I will miss your presence in the training room, and your slightly evil warm ups. I will miss your commitment to my amazing team, and the energy you put into each performance, which shifts the room. I am so grateful for every performance you have done, and all the energy you have put into the company.

Thank-you for your hard work, and all the best for your dance journey. I really hope you make appearances with Dance Masala in the future.

Love you,


PS I’ll go cry now.


Some videos & photos I found:

Feature role in Dhinka Chika Flashmob


Performance in 2011



Adam’s first India Day Fair:


Monica!!  Performance with the Teens in 2011:


Adam at Out of the Box in 2012:


Performance Company in 2012 being very casual:


Performance from last year with Danika: