Last week, Emily and myself had the pleasure of watching one of our amazing dancers graduate from his Full-Time Dance program at Ikin Dance on the Gold Coast. Adam has been dancing with Dance Masala the longest, out of our entire team. When he first joined our classes (when we were Bollyfunk Dance), Adam stood out… Not just stood out, he shone. More than anything, I noticed that Adam had a true passion for dance… He came to ever class available to him, and was an amazing asset to our teens class. Naturally, I offered him the opportunity to perform with our professional team.

Since joining, Adam has grown tremendously as a performer and I was so proud of him when he went for his dreams, and was accepted into Ikin Dance. Although we really missed him on our team this year, as he spent most of the year on the Gold Coast, we were so proud to see how has grown as a true performer at his graduation. I say without bias that from the moment the lights were up, Adam stole the show. Check it out in the video below, if you don’t believe me. He was not only good, but he was the stand-out performer on the night.

Well done, Adam! We are so proud of you!

Ikin Dance Graduation 2013 from RPB Productions on Vimeo.