Among the many things in discussion for 2014, one thing is certain! Dance Masala is bringing in a term structure for our adult classes!

This is an alternative to our current week-by-week, pay as you go structure. There will be several options for students:

  • A casual rate
  • Casual Class Card (Buy five, get one free)
  • Discounted full term rate

There will be five terms in 2014, aiming to finish before the uni exam block and start on the uni holidays. We will also be offering classes on public holidays.

Dance Masala Adult Term Dates for 2014

Term 1 (9 Weeks) – Monday 3rd February – Sunday 6th April

Term 2 (8 weeks) Monday 21st April – Wed 18th June

New Class Costs

Due to increased administrative and rent costs, Dance Masala will be introducing a small price rise in 2014. Our new rates will be:

Casual rate: $13 for one class, $20 for two on the same night

Casual class card (buy five, get one free): $65 for one class a week; or $110 for two classes a week

Term 1 Fees (9 weeks): $90 for one class a week; $135 for two classes a week; $225 for three classes a week; or $270 for four classes a week.

Term 2 Fees (8 weeks): $80 for one class a week; $120 for two classes a week; $200 for three classes a week; or $240 for four classes a week.

  • Payment for full term must be made by the first class or in the three weeks prior to the beginning of term
  • Full term payment is for your nominated class, it does not include additional workshops / rehearsals
  • Term payments are non-refundable
  • We do not offer credits, refunds or free classes if the student misses class when they have paid for a term. If in the rare event Dance Masala to cancel a class, you will receive a credit for a class. This can be redeemed with any Dance Masala class of any level
  • Students are asked to keep a record of their payments and receipts
  • Dance Masala reserve their right to use substitute instructors in the case of accident or illness