This was an amazing year for the Dance Masala performance team, with over 120 performances and workshops held in the community. Our team has morphed over the past year and gotten even stronger and more confident, which is so gratifying for me to watch. We were so blessed to have beautiful dancers like Shobha, Manish, Nisha, Raksha, and Heena join us. And our old crew of Emily, Danika, Adam, Nalini, Jason, Antara, Caitlin and Charlotte grew even stronger. We are so sad to lose the beautiful Shobha, who had to move to Fiji, and were truly blessed to have her calming, loving energy in our group. It sounds corny, but this lady emanates love and it’s just natural that everyone wanted to be near her. Charlotte has also moved on to focus on her studies, and we are sad to lose her  but wish her loads of luck! They know that there is always space on the dance floor if they ever come back.

For me, although it was hectic, this was the smoothest year we have ever had. I was looking at the booking calendar for the year with amazement, and have decided to do a quick list just so we can check our achievements and really be proud.

In 2013 Dance Masala…

– Danced at 2 anniversaries: a 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary and a 20th anniversary of Brisbane Culinary Institution

– Performed at 6 beautiful Indian weddings

– Created special couple choreography for one of the most gorgeous couples, Noopur and Ankhit, and group choreography for their bridal party

– Helped orchestrate a smashing surprise dance at a wedding by the groom, Mahesh, for his lovely wife. This was awesome, and so rewarding.

– Taught workshops at 8 hen’s nights

– Performed and taught workshops at 10 corporate functions, 4 Diwali Parties & 17 birthdays!!

– Did incursions, workshops and created special performances in 10 schools, kindys, and vacation care centres

– Put together one very cute flashmob for Dutton Park State School and performed with them

– Ran Dance Excellence workshops

– Ran 14 consecutive Dance’d in the Spotlight workshops with primary and high school aged kids

– and helped build 2 corporate teams using the solid foundation of Bollywood dance and laughter

Dance Masala were also involved in the following major events:

– Feet First at QPAC

– Queensland Children’s Week Festival at the Botanical Gardens

– Queensland Multicultural Week Launch on Queen St Mall

– GOPIO India Independence Day Fair in Roma St Parklands

– FICQ Diwali in King George Square

– Brisbane Children’s Hospital Multicultural Celebration

– Brisbane Youth Service Gala Event

– Tara Festival of Culture

– The Ekka

– Zillmere Festival

– 2 x Griffith Food and Fun Cultural Days

– ACU Cultural Day

– Polish Community Festival

– FECCA Conference

– ACCESS Annual General Meeting

– The Collective Markets Relaunch in South Bank