I am so very grateful for the amazing year I have had since creating Dance Masala in December of 2012.

After Bollyfunk Dance decided to split at the end of 2012, I was so excited to create this new venture. I constantly found inspiration throughout this year from my awesome dancers, even more amazing friends, and the many students who I have been blessed to teach. Every week they give me more drive and energy to carry on and keep improving!

We have taken big steps this year, from our costumes (partnering with an exclusive costume designer in Gujrat), our choreography, our graphic design and our evolving teaching methods and projects. We have set up a school holiday program (which we’ve been trying to do for the past two years) and have really developed a strong Professional Company, that is getting stronger and stronger! We have done some really powerful, moving work partnering with charities and using Bollywood dance to really help change people’s lives. We are so lucky to be in this free, lucky country and have so much joy in our lives.

Next year, we will be partnering with refugee centres, and spreading more of the Dance Masala joy. We will be drilling our team to become even better, and more exciting! We will be offering folk dance classes and we are changing our classes to a term structure. I am so excited to take this journey, and so grateful to everyone who has come with me.

Thank-you, thank-you, from the bottom of my heart!

~ Drea