WOW! It’s already been a month! And what a month it has been!

Teaching Bollywood Dancing, officially, has been one of the best experiences of my life. Every week has been a new adventure; a new learning curve bringing new meaning to what was once just a hobby. It’s a wonderful feeling, being able to take something that I’ve always done and teach other people to do it, to watch them dancing, having fun and letting go of their stresses of the day.

And then, there are the students! I have really been blessed to have such wonderful students to teach as well. So willing and eager to learn and help me bring my choreography to life in their own fun and diverse way. Watching the videos after class every week makes me realize just how good they’re getting, how well they’re picking up the steps and how easily they fall into the rhythms of the song and lose themselves to the dance and it gives me immense joy to have been part of their journey and have them be a part of mine.

And I found that over the weeks, the classes have built their own dynamic, an upbeat and happy one that I’m glad to be a part of every week. Classes are so much fun and between teaching, dancing, and laughing, I always leave with a big smile on my face, and tired as I may be, with my spirits uplifted and looking forward to next week’s class with much anticipation!

I’m looking forward to our Mid-year concert, when I’ll get to see my students get on stage and perform, when I’ll be able to see them shine with their new-found dance skills and have a fantastic time getting down to some awesome Bollywood beats!

So for those of you looking for a great place to unwind, have some fun and learn a cool new dance form, come along to our classes and I promise you’ll have an amazing time! Everyone is welcome to come join our Dance Masala family, as I would know, having been welcomed with open arms and having enjoyed my time here so much already! And I promise more updates as my journey goes on.

Love, Divya.