Technique & The 8-Week Term
Here at Dance Masala, we’re always trying to improve how we teach, what we teach and offer more to our students. We recently discovered (supplemented by feedback from you, our students) that there was a vital need for more technique in our classes – to help our students become even better, and to support them to move up through the levels.

Our goals at Dance Masala is to be dance educators, and to pass to students the skills to perform with grace and style, look good while doing it, and avoid injuries at all costs. To do this, we need technique. In July of this year we offered technique courses to test it out the idea with adults: to see how a class that would just be technique alone would work; and to low-key assess the results. The results gave us confidence. From here, we rolled out 2-weeks of technique followed by 8-weeks of choreography in all of our 1-hour Junior Classes, supplemented by technique practice videos so practice could be done at home; and terminology & feedback that the kids were invited to write down. The results have been amazing. We are now feeling confident to roll it out for adults. Next year, we can introduce booking in for an optional assessment week, where you can get your progress assessed to see if you are ready for the next level.

Let’s Get Personal – A Message from Drea

Hi everyone. I really want to share my personal message about technique and it’s fundamental importance as part of what we offer, it’s really scary getting this vulnerable in a what can be a judgemental world, however, I really feel blind leadership is toxic and archaic. Here at Dance Masala, we are creating a community where feedback is valued; where we all feel supported in our mistakes in order to grow; and give. So here is part of my story. I hope you take away something from it. Love Dre.